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Harmony Montgomery | Missing over 2-Years

Harmony Montgomery has been missing since Oct 1, 2019. Her disappearance was not reported until December 2021, and no charges for her disappearance have been filed, aside from allegations of fraud for receiving financial state assistance despite Harmony not being present in the household.

Harmony’s Uncle Kevin Montgomery described her living conditions when he spoke to us in January, she was forced to stand in the corner for hours until she urinated herself and was allegedly physically and verbally abused by her father. At one point Harmony was observed with a bruised eye after her father described ‘bashing her around the house’ to family members.

The car that her father was sleeping in right before his arrest, was found to have excessive or higher than normal amounts of mileage according to maintenance records. The car was found in an impound lot and remains under the care of Law Enforcement, per the owner of the impound lot.

Harmony was born on June 7, 2014, and would be 7-years-old today. She has blue eyes, and is reportedly blind in her right eye. Harmony has blonde hair, her height and weight are unknown since she hasn’t been seen in over 2-years.

The reward for information leading to Harmony Montgomery is $137,000. Anyone with information should call 603-203-6060.

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  1. J Lopez 2 years ago

    Where can i find the whole interview with the uncle?

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