So, Fotis leaves again today for Florida. We are getting ready for summer in terms of camps, vacations, sort of mapping out the warmer lands of June 7th through September 5th, or 6th, or whenever they have to be at school again, all five of them — this year.

My neighbor whom I adore may send her son to the Toddler Room at FVAM with Noelle next year. I am hoping…

It’s also spring and sports schedules are rotating for the boys. They lose indoor soccer this week at FSA, they have four more weeks of power skating, then that goes by the wayside, and we are left with, through the beginning of June: Riding, After Art with Ms. Beth, and Tennis, which we do on a week to week basis with Guillaume, who works with Fotis and is probably the 10th best player in New England. They/we are lucky to have him.

C&C for spring? Ballet, today and throughout. Nothing for Constantine really till the fall, when they will be nearly 4, and can both start horse riding lessons at Folly Farm. And both do soccer at FSA, in the 4-5 Mini-Kickers group the boys are now exiting to return for Hot Shots (6-8) next fall.

They have grown, C&C, a lot. Since Christmas. Christiane is so tall and long and just a beautiful little lady in our midst. Constantine is growing to be a handsome, perfect boy. I gave him a shower last night in our shower, just the two of us for a change. He is scrumptious. Truly. Standing, letting the water cascade all about him. Choosing to stay longer, just enjoying the experience.

They smile all the time. They have a delightful ball together. Before bed last night, after books and talking and hugging, they started to show me, about the rug in their room, how one figure skates. They’ve started going to ISCC when their brothers do power skating, renting skates and pushing those granny walkers across the ice, to get started. But they’ve also caught glimpses of girls and boys doing axels and double axels and the camel position. Leaping and zipping and lacing back and forth gracefully across the ice. They’ve been inspired.

I told Christiane that if she wants to be a good figure skater, ballet will help her, so today she is more eager for ballet than usual. Which is normally, to be honest, Let’s eat some cheese sticks and not.

The baby will continue with Music Time with Miss Carrie. And I know that some time in the water would eventually be ideal. I hear there’s a learn to swim program through Miss Porter’s, but have yet to locate it.

This summer it looks like Greece for two weeks for everyone. Fotis skiing the first week, and then us all being together there the second. This is good in that I get a week of only the kids, setting them up, being at the water with them, and then I can try be social on top of that once Fotis joins in.

Camps: Renbrook Summer Adventure for 3 weeks for the boys, plus some camp time at TLGT, plus lots of time at the pond here waterskiing with Yorgos. C&C go to a camp at their school for 4 weeks, then Greece, then some TLGT camps in August as well. Plus, ballet starts again in August!

The baby, Music Time, water time. In my arms time, before the day arrives when I take only her for her first moments in her new classroom, to meet her teachers: Ms. Debbie, Ms. Patty and Ms. Carolyn. To sniff out the atmosphere, to play a bit, before leaping out from my arms, and diving in. Away.

Today is Noelle’s half birthday. (Theodore knows everyone’s half birthdays, even yours.) I’d had dreams of ditching the pacifier today. But decided that yes, I will, before school. That it’s never as big a deal as you’d expect. That guess what, if you clear every single pacifier from your premises, within 2 hours they forget about it, completely and utterly: forever. And there you were expecting Armageddon.

I am psyching myself up. But still not in the mood. Today.

She’s 18 months old. It’s April 10, 1012. Noelle knows which finger her thumb is. She knows how Facebook structured their deal in purchasing Instagram. She knows how to sip from a straw. I think that’s pretty cool.

See, would really look better if we dropped the pacifier.

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