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Kiely Rodni | Missing 16-Year-Old | Truckee, CA

What people are saying about this case online. (UPDATE Kiely Rodni was found along with her vehicle by Adventures With Purpose on August 21. Law enforcement confirmed the body found was in fact Kielye Rodni on August 23.)

Kiely Rodni went missing on Aug 6, halfway past the clock striking midnight while allegedly departing a graduation party. The party had anywhere between 200 and 300 attendees as confirmed by Placer County Sheriff’s Department via their social media accounts.

While law enforcement came under public scrutiny as related to an AMBER alert not being issued for the 16-year-old, the lack of answers related to the teen’s disappearance hasn’t been due to law enforcement efforts there, including the FBI’s. In the days and weeks following Kiely’s strange disappearance, almost 20,000 man-hours have been dedicated to finding answers related to Kiely’s whereabouts. Alongside several assisting agencies, air support, dive teams, and even intuitive apps to integrate community searches with law enforcement data, the search for Rodni has been nothing short of commendable and tiresome.

In addition to law enforcement efforts, media and press outreach on this specific case have traveled the globe, reaching citizens all over via outlets like DailyMail, The Independent, The Guardian, Associated Press, News Nation, The Sun, and New York Post.

The bulk of the search centered around a reservoir near the Prosser Family Campground. Searchers there on the ground found a canine burial site during the massive land search, in addition, a car that was NOT Rodni’s was allegedly found in the reservoir, according to locals there; the types of highs and lows no parent should endure during a search.

The case has created a lot of speculation; with no answers and no villain, the public immediately looked at those closest to Kiely, friends specifically, then began scrutinizing with haphazard fierceness.

While the search at Prosser Family Campground scales down, new reassurances by conduit of Adventures With Purpose are now inbound. AWP is a sonar diving team of gurus, with notable success in finding items in marine environments. In addition to Kiely vanishing, her silver 2013 Honda CRV is missing as well. Reassurance that Rodni didn’t crash, or isn’t underwater will be required by the public in my opinion, until law enforcement provides the public with further details on the course of this investigation.

The absence of Kiely’s vehicle has been a key factor in law enforcement using abduction terminology when this case began.

Despite the lack of an AMBER alert, if Kiely was in fact abducted, NCMEC data shows that abductors are usually known to the victim. But that statistic is fluid when looking at data for Sacramento, a hotbed for human and sex trafficking. Some of the attributes that contribute to the public having such intense interest in missing young, blonde-haired, white women, are the same attributes that cause these women to be targeted by trafficking ecosystems.

Law enforcement has revealed the hoodie that Rodni was allegedly wearing when she vanished or at least had in her possession during the party. That information was disclosed almost a week after Kiely vanished, information that is typically revealed by those closest to the missing person to the police, immediately. In addition, internet sleuths have pointed out that Kiely used a ‘Sex Wax” iPhone case, it’s unclear if she was using the case when she vanished.

Alongside what Kiely was potentially wearing, police have revealed the last location her phone checked in with cell towers, was at 12:33 am on Aug 6. A few photos and videos have emerged for the public, and those videos partially corroborate what witnesses describe as ‘play fighting’ — although it doesn’t look very playful.

The circumstances and the amount of evidence that the public is privy to, have certainly brought more queries than results. Many have looked to Kiely’s friends for answers, but their responses have only produced further allegations. The public seems decided that Rodni’s closest friends, know more than what they’ve revealed.

It’s impossible at this time to decipher what occurred the evening that Kiely vanished with her Honda CRV, but it’s become blatantly obvious what didn’t occur that evening. Teenagers and adults alike, some friends, and some strangers got together to celebrate and forgot the basic rule that would be reinforced in college, and throughout life. Friends don’t let friends get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Period. If that was overlooked, what other guards were down?

Anyone with information about Kiely’s whereabouts is urged to submit online tips here or call the tip line– you can remain anonymous (530) 581-6320 Option 7.

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  1. Poppins 2 years ago

    Well written and informative as always. The new website isn’t bad either. Thank you for keeping to the facts.

  2. Katie Savage 2 years ago

    Great, informative article regarding Kiely. Great use of adjectives and articulation Nerdy 🙂

  3. CatMomSue 2 years ago

    Nice article Nerdy. I appreciate you’re
    Sticking to facts. Praying Kiely is found soon!

  4. Karen moffett 2 years ago

    You hit on everything about this case completely and unbiased! Not surprising though. The readily available links brought the article to life…real time. Your writing continues to fascinate me! Keep it going….let’s find Kiely.

  5. lori 2 years ago

    This case seriously has me stumped. I am eating for adventures with a purpose to work their magic before I decide which direction I’m going with this next.

  6. Paté 2 years ago

    Excellent informative piece on this frustrating ongoing case. Your talented writing and targeted ads for all these missing people are so appreciated. May Kiely be found safe.

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