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Manchester Police Chief Indicates Someone Knows Where Harmony Is Located

In a recent interview, Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg implored the public to come forward and provide information related to the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery.

In a candid interview with the chief by WMUR, Aldenberg said he’s pissed off that people are not coming forward for their own “selfish reasons.”

Harmony Montgomery went missing in November 2019 but she wasn’t reported or noticed as missing until 2-years later. She was 5-years-old when she vanished, but the police chief had an underlying message of hope in his statement, perhaps implying that law enforcement has information leading them to believe someone knows the little girl’s whereabouts.

“If you’ve touched this little girl’s life in any way, in her short seven years on this earth, and you haven’t asked hard questions of people that are close to her because you don’t want to know the answer or you don’t want to be placed in the middle of something uncomfortable, too bad.”

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg

Despite several searches at Harmony’s old residence, police have found no evidence indicating foul play at the home she lived in before her family moved out, many of which relocated to Florida right after she was last seen.

Adam Montgomery and Kayla Montgomery remain in custody on charges unrelated to Harmony’s disappearance, sort of.

Her stepmother Kayla has been charged for collecting state benefits while Harmony was unaccounted for, and her father was charged for allegedly assaulting and striking Harmony in the face.

Kayla Montgomery, 31, is also accused of receiving a rifle and a shotgun between Sept. 29 and Oct. 22 of 2019, knowing that they had been stolen or believing they had probably been stolen. Her attorney stated that a plea deal is still on the table.

In April, not guilty pleas were entered on behalf of Adam Montgomery, 32, who is accused of stealing a rifle and shotgun between Sept. 29 and Oct. 3, 2019. Investigators recovered one weapon in Boston and the other weapon in Manchester. They said they believe there is a third weapon that is involved, but they said its location is not known.

The firearms charges against Adam and Kayla Montgomery allege they received the weapons from a person referred to as “C.F.” in court documents. According to the attorney general’s press release, “There is no evidence of any connection between the stolen firearms and the disappearance of Harmony Montgomery.”

Family and locals have also questioned where Adam Montgomery’s dog went, that family pet seems to have also vanished in the same time frame around 2019. While law enforcement or the media hasn’t mentioned the missing dog, it would seem important alongside other questions that social media sleuths have brought to light.

Questions like why so many miles were put on a vehicle when police found Adam sleeping in his vehicle just a half-mile away from the home that was searched. Questions also arise surrounding the daily life of these adults. Questions like, why did Adam’s car accrue more than 18,000 miles in about 6 months, when he was largely reported to be unemployed or working in town?

While there are multiple insurance claims on Adam’s car report, two accidents occur in the time window of Harmony’s disappearance and it’s unclear where those accidents occurred.

For Harmony’s biological mother, a comprehensive report on contacts made to the NH DCYF regarding Harmony Montgomery was made public in February of 2022 and demonstrates that there are no documented communications from Crystal Sorey, despite her widely reported claims to the contrary.

In fact, the report states that “No calls were made to New Hampshire’s Central Intake raising concerns regarding this Massachusetts court placement.”

In multiple interviews, Sorey reports she last ‘saw’ Harmony in an April ‘facetime’ for Easter in 2019. Although Sorey now describes being concerned about Harmony and being cut off by Adam, the birth father, there is no public record of her claims of repeated DCYF complaints.

The DCYF investigative report indicates a July 29, 2019 report of alleged abuse of Harmony, and that call was not from Crystal.

According to the investigative report, in September 2021, the agency was contacted by someone raising concerns about Harmony’s whereabouts. That contact was not Crystal Sorey, Harmony’s biological mother/non-custodial mother.

While there were other agency calls to the home, the calls were not related to Harmony.

We asked Blair Miller what he thought of the recent developments and newest statements from NH Chief Aldenberg. Blair and his husband Jonathan were able to adopt Harmony’s biological brother, Jamison. The family continues to hope for Harmony to be able to join Jamison.

“The constant questions are the only things that will lead to us finding Harmony. They are incredibly hard questions to ask but so critical. Johnathon and I continue to be very concerned about the amount of time that has passed, the lack of information, and the incorrect information. It’s important we put self-preservation aside. Every person and agency involved should focus on finding Harmony. We have a five-year-old son who desperately wants to see his sister again. We constantly look back on what happened in Jamison’s past with Harmony. He clearly still cherishes that relationship. We remain hopeful for someone to help us find Harmony. We are afraid of what that outcome may look like for him. Regardless, we will fight for a Harmony Law that will allow for ICPC to be universal across states and a Jamison Law that will focus on siblings remaining together or having sibling visitation rights. We often daydream about what it would look like if Harmony and Jamison were able to stay together. She would be laughing and giggling in the pool with us now. Unfortunately, Harmony was sent back with her biological father by people meant to protect her before we ever became involved in Jamison’s story.”

It seems there are still more questions than answers in this case. I guess to be expected for a case that was already 2-years cold when police opened it. None of this is timely. While the public mostly appreciates some unrelated arrests that were made for those closest to Harmony, it begs the question of safety nets, retroactive policing, and perhaps an idea of a non-existent community that ignored what seems so obvious now.

While the questions will be important for reasons good and sufficient to reform, the police chief indicated there is only one hard question that should be asked right now and that question is “Where’s Harmony?”

June of 2022 marks Harmony‘s eighth birthday, and while we don’t have age-progressed photos, it’s important to note her appearance. She may or may not be wearing glasses, but does suffer from blindness in her right eye.

The reward for information leading to Harmony Montgomery is $150,000. Anyone with information should call 603-203-6060.

  1. Paté 2 years ago

    I ache over Harmony and wonder where she could be, with hopes and doubts and fears and such sadness. Thank you for such an in-depth and wonderfully written account of The Truth on this case. #JusticeForHarmony #WhereIsHarmony

  2. Kim HelloSpring2016 2 years ago

    This poor child deserved so much better than her monsters gave her. I pray one day someone will have the guts to speak up and tell the world what happened to this beautiful little girl. Well written Nerdy ♥️

  3. Cat Mom Sue 2 years ago

    I pray for sweet little Harmony daily. It’s heartbreaking to know they haven’t found her yet. Thank you, Nerdy, for keeping Harmony in the light.

  4. Kate_Displaced 2 years ago

    Wonderfully comprehensive article addressing many of the questions surrounding the disappearance of this innocent child. My heart aches everyday for Harmony. Her life matters and she deserves justice! ❤️

  5. Gbyrd 2 years ago

    Well written article, my heart aches everyday for Harmony, all this sweet girl has been through so wrong. She deserves better.
    Why did the police chief say “If you touched this girl’s life in anyway in her short 7 years on this earth ” What does he mean by this ? Why say this ? I have hope and pray Harmony will be found alive. ❤️

    • Nerdy Addict 2 years ago

      It’s an odd statement, he’s essentially suggesting (at least to me) anyone who has been in contact with Harmony or knows something about, since disappearing at 5-years-old.He is saying a lot, for someone who hasn’t previously.

      • Patricia gage 2 years ago

        Nerdy I do agree that I replayed and truec to figure this out because I’ve been trying to do whatever I can to be a voice for harmony and honestly who do we ask who will say something what will they say like so many questions although you and I may not agree on a lot but I do have to say his last interview speaks volumes

        • Maxine Dandy 2 years ago

          Pj ask Crystal – you are constantly bragging about being her advocate- stating that you keep in regular contact with her. You are not a voice for Harmony –

  6. gralion torile 2 years ago

    Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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