Okay, so better, ala The Family Bed.

CN woke at 12. I put her back down to sleep.

She slept till 6.25!!

Sometime after midnight, Christiane came in, flopped and flipped, and we both decided that she’d be happier in her own bed.

At 2, Petros came in and slept soundly till morning, 7 or so.

Theodore came to our bed at around 7, went to sleep for about 5 minutes, then fully woke up.

Constantine is the champion, in his own bed, all night long!

Me, I slept at around 10, and woke at 6. Showered, before everyone else was up.

This is the start of a new, happy page!!

(Fotis slept on the plane to Paris, then to Greece.) We suspect he’ll get great sleep in Athens these next few days.

Keep you posted.

Watching Dish Network (finally! — due to Peter’s ingenuity) installing the satellite, so that we get: Greek TV!

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