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Legal Proceedings Resume for Bryan Kohberger

Court proceedings will continue this week for Bryan Kohberger, the man accused of killing four Idaho college students, after being delayed last month due to ‘an unknown illness.’

Bryan Kohberger had two court appearances in September with the intention of seeking dismissal of the indictments against him, however, a notification issued by the Clerk of Court citing an “illness,” has now rescheduled these hearings to October 26 at 1 pm.

While cameras are scheduled to be allowed into the courtroom for the 1 pm hearing, a separate hearing on a different motion to dismiss the indictment will be closed when it is held at 9:30 am on the same day.

The motion contends that the grand jury indictment should be dismissed on the grounds of alleged grand jury bias, the presentation of inadmissible evidence, insufficient evidentiary support, and prosecutorial misconduct. Both the motion and the opposing motion submitted by the state have been sealed and are not accessible for review by the public.

During the previous week, a “protective order” was granted, restricting access to medical records solely to the “defense counsel, investigators, and retained experts,” with no other parties allowed access.

During the same timeframe last week, the mother of Xana Kernnodle expressed her own doubts about the case.

“There are still a whole lot of questions and not nearly enough answers.”

-Cara Northington, Xana’s mother

The sentiment appears to mirror that of the Goncalves family, who have expressed disapproval of the police’s handling of the case.

“I just feel like there’s been a couple individuals that were cleared very fast that maybe should not have been.”

-Kristi Goncalves

In recent months, Kohberger’s legal counsel has been actively and aggressively pursuing the dismissal of the grand jury indictment. Despite being accused of murder, Kohberger has remained steadfast in asserting his innocence alongside his legal counsel, led by Anne Taylor.

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