So, it’s the last weekend before school resumes. The kids are in their jeeps playing outside. I am still trying to take stock of this looming house and to whip it into some form of order. But then I run out of steam, or gas.

Speaking of, the boiler has been making these alarming banging noises, so it is temporarily off as it gets fixed. A man named Jason from Glasco who spent all day here yesterday is apparently coming back today.

I just spoke with Fotis who is very pumped or just “up” about new business prospects, and running around Athens trying to make something happen. It’s good to see/hear him excited about something again. He will also try to waterski this weekend in Halkida with his friends Yannis and Katerina. It looks like he’ll be back here on Tuesday, and drive his car down to Florida on Friday over the weekend. To have it there to ski there as much as possible during April and May.

He is on the move. And I get his need for speed, movement, business, action.

For me the action is here, the kids, getting the house in order. Myself again, now that it’s spring. I will (finally!) run again today. I am writing this to make sure that I do it! When the baby and Constantine nap, my father will take the other three to play miniature golf, and I can jog — woo hoo! Plus, for my jogging pleasure, Mad Men returns this Sunday night with a special 2 hour episode start to season 5, Gossip Girlresumes the following week, so I can continue being a Dair fan. And even Dancing with the Stars I can Tivo and watch. My three shows of interest.

The kids watch nothing. At night they want books. The baby wants books! Everyone just wants books, so maybe I/we are doing something right. I did show the boys the You Tube video of Dana Carvey singing “Chopping Broccoli” as his SNL audition tape, from back in the 80′s. I was singing it while taking them to Riding yesterday, and Petros was like, What’s that song? So after their lesson I showed them. Then after dinner last night all the kids watched. And laughed and laughed. Then they wanted to show Summer this morning. It’s the new theme song today.

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And enjoy your Saturday! 

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