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Bethany Funke Files Motion to Quash Anne Taylor’s Demand to Testify

Bethany Funke, one of the surviving roommates in the Idaho quadruple murder case, was recently ordered by a judge to testify at Kohberger’s preliminary hearing on June 26.

“During the course of my investigation, it has became known to me that Bethany Funke has information material to the charges against Mr. Kohberger; portions of information Ms. Funke has is exculpatory to the defendant.”

Richard Bitonti, criminal investigator for defense

Despite the ruling, Funke continues battling the court by the conduit of a motion to quash. The motion was first brought to our attention here.

Anne Taylor, and the criminal investigator brought on by her, have indicated to the judge that Funke holds information that is exculpatory; they are essentially claiming that Funke has infromation that could potentially exonerate Bryan Kohberger during the prelimanry hearing for probable cause.

Unrelated to Funke testifying, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that the gag order related to the Idaho Four case will remain in effect.

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