Okay, so we have nothing to do, nowhere to be. Nothing to be. Feels weird. I am not doing laundry the second something is dirty. I am not car pooling. I am not telling anyone to sit correctly at dinner or to eat with their fork and not their hands. This as I nab a piece of penne pasta with my own hands from Constantine’s plate at lunch. And he says, But why mommy, you do? And I’m like, You’re right! I am doing the wrong thing!!

I could eat everything with my hands here, but that would be weird and embarrassing for Fotis, plus myself now that I think about it.

Today we slept straight through the night. No one came to bed with us. We both woke on our own accord — at 7 — 6 a.m. back home. But cool that we are so very programmed to wake when we wake. Fotis exercised. I blogged. I sent emails. I read the book I’m reading on the iPad that downloaded the day we left by Mayim Bialik, PhD (yes, she of TV’s Blossom fame, a doctor!) Beyond the Sling: A Real Life Guide to Raising Confident, Loving Children the Attachment Parenting Way. I love it. I espouse it — close to how I espouse my own spouse. It’s so very true what she writes about really giving yourself over to the entire parenting experience, responding to your baby’s cues, being wholly there for your infant and even older children. (She would never be here on this trip away from from her own kids as we are, by the by. They’d still be breast feeding at five.) But yes, read it if you are thinking of having a kid, or having one more. Read and know and learn!

Okay, where was I? Oh, nowhere. I am nowhere doing nothing. Totally lovely and cool. I am letting myself use the word cool! I don’t care. I am not word policing myself. I don’t care if I sound like I have an IQ of 12.

The kids are back home. (Oh, Mayim, I know, I feel in my gut I should be there too. And part of me reading your book right now is to punish myself and to feel the guilt and miss them even more if possible. Much like people read the New York Times while away on their August breaks to remind themselves of the horror out in the world, outside their little cocoon of a vacation home in Maine.)

In two days we leave. Fotis is spending all his lovely time watching the first (and only) ten episodes of Game of Thrones on his computer. He bought it at the airport, while we were late to board — not my fault! Don’t look to me for that. They were calling our names and so I parted from him and just got on the plane. He says that if they have your luggage on the flight they wait. He has held up more flight take offs than I can count. And his theory proves to be true. I hate causing anyone anxiety. Get me on that flight!!!

So here he now is. Watching episode 6, or 7? I told him I am like that with Mad Men and Gossip Girl. Addicted, hooked, what have ye. We are both chill, relaxed. Look a collective 20 years younger but for good rest and zero stress. This is what people need to do to prepare for the red carpet. Not the Ashram, cleanses, Botox or spray tans. Well, a tan does help, especially if you plan on wearing a white dress. But yes — This!!


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