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Cory Bigsby Indicted for Murder of 4-Year-Old Son, Codi Bigsby

According to the grapevine over at WTKR News 3, it seems like Cory Bigsby has found himself in quite the pickle. Bigsby has just been slapped with an indictment related to the tragic case of his 4-year-old son, Codi Bigsby, who mysteriously vanished last year.

The indictment is interesting as it implies Codi Bigsby went missing on or about June 2021, almost 8 months after the young child was reported missing by his father, who is now in custody.

According to the Daily Press, it was a statement made by the defendant in jail that was potentially the catalyst for the murder indictment; all of those charges were put on hold while authorities assessed Cory Bigby’s behavioral or mental competency.

Cory has been enjoying the hospitality of the authorities since February 2022., but the charges that landed him behind bars weren’t connected to little Codi’s disappearance. Instead, officials jammed him up and arrested him for charges related to child abuse and neglect, and since that time no charges have been filed related to his missing son.

Law enforcement launched a massive search alongside the community when Bigsby was reported missing, but the little boy has still not been found.

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