Yesterday at 3:36 PM, Eva posted court documents related to a private investigator named Steve Fischer aka Stephen Fischer, aka SF_investigates. These documents are not personal information but public record and show a history of litigation against SF_Investigates for nearly a million dollars. I retweeted Eva’s content, her account was suspended almost immediately. and she was notified that HER tweet violated Twitter’s TOS (Terms of Service).

As soon as Eva was notified, I received an email from Twitter stating my account was suspended for ‘evading suspension.’ My account has never had violations or suspensions, aside from at the beginning on the Kimberly Claudio case out of Manchester, CT. I posted a photo of the house (aerial view, not close) and the tweet was reported. Instead of waiting for Twitter to make a decision on that appeal, I deleted the content as the larger cause for missing person(s) was larger than pride.

I want to reiterate, the content that Eva posted did not violate Twitter’s TOS; public record and investigating is allowed, but it’s Twitter’s playground and I understand that. However, linking my account to someone else’s simply because I am on their wireless network, would be similar to Twitter suspending Kim Kardashian for something Kanye West said on his own account. Right?

But that isn’t even what Twitter is saying, on the public end it shows users I have been abusive. But on the private email, it says I have been suspended due to ‘evading suspension.’ – again, I have never violated Twitter’s policy on that, @lilnerdyaddict is my other account and that account has no violations or tweets have been provided by Twitter, that detail how I’ve violated Twitter’s TOS.

It’s worth noting, that just 12 hours prior to both our accounts getting suspended, I had put out a tweet that William (Bill) Hambrecht was related to a friend of Kiely Rodni. Hambrecht is a major investor in tech companies like Google and Adobe, and the first thing I asked our private group upon our suspension, asking if Hambrecht has investments in Twitter or stakes in their IPO.

My main account and @lilnerdyaddict have no tweets that violated Twitter TOS for abuse, but I have also recently pissed off verified accounts such as Nancy Grace. But pissing off people is an American right, while Twitter may have their own rules, those rules haven’t been broken. Naming connections like Hambrecht, or those like him that have connections to people like Nancy Pelosi. shouldn’t be cause for removal from a platform. But that isn’t even the reason Twitter is giving me, it’s simply saying I was trying to evade a suspension, but there was NEVER a suspension on any of my accounts in the first place.


The real issue right now is that no one at Twitter can give mean inventory of what is going on, and their support channels suck. I have left emails for Charis Lex – they worked with Cooley LLP and Envisage Law to reinstate accounts in the past. In addition I reached out to a large firm in CT, they suggested Norm Pattis. Awaiting responses from all, for guidance.

While I don’t know what’s going on right now, I do believe Twitter’s automated system screwed up; my account isn’t associated with any accounts that are abusive, and the timing of suspension alongsidethe timing on Eva’s account makes me believe their systems triggered this automatically — because the alternative is much darker. If it’s leaning towards darkness, the dark doesn’t just cast a shadow on small slivers or one; if they can do this to one, they can replicate for all.

My name is @Nerdy_Addict, and I didn’t Epstein myself.

-Cyber Ninja, Peter West

  1. Tania Shavor 1 year ago

    I felt this the night before. You called me silly. This feels like a combination of things not just one. What can I do? Hit me on email.

  2. Cat Mom Sue 1 year ago

    There’s some crazy stuff going on! Hang in there Nerdy & Eva! The lights still on!

  3. nacho 1 year ago

    I’m unclear about exactly what happened but it’s very suspicious. Who’s toes have Nerdy bruises?

  4. Ynna 1 year ago

    I was wondering that, too!
    Scared me $hitless.

    So, of course I had to snoop.
    Small info, when/if you need to calm your nerves. (and mine)

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