When Lucas Brewer and Anthony Nagore jumped into the Farmington River last summer, their disappearance sparked some wild speculation on social media. A man that spoke to the media, became a suspect merely for knowing the area and warning kids to stay away from the dangerous water and dam.

Despite conjecture, the police chief reminded me that disappearances that occur near the water, are accident related. The boys were found deceased downstream near a golf club almost a week later.

The viral speculation in Kiely’s case began early on, even before law enforcement claimed they searched the reservoir; Law Enforcement made announcements that intertwined with Rodni from the beginning, including a media release that they had completed a sex offender ‘sweep’ that even resulted in arrests. Then Placer County law enforcement made a social media post, that was bizarre solely for the reason that the post intertwined with the search for Kiely.

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posts for missing 16-year-old Kiely Rodni to share another important story.

-Placer county sheriff’s office

The post goes on to announce the arrest of Nathaniel, allegedly for dealing fentanyl which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old, in addition to sexual assault charges. Usually, law enforcement doesn’t intertwine a missing person with the arrest of a drug dealer, typically.

But typically law enforcement doesn’t host GoFundMe links for money they aren’t beneficiaries of. The whole case is bizarre.

What’s interesting to note is that Adventure’s With Purpose has held off on releasing any new content related to the roadside assistance driver, but Doug Bishop made it clear to the Sun that the male seen with allegedly Kiely the DAY AFTER the party, was not Jagger. In fact, Bishop goes on to say that the FBI ruled Jagger out unequivocally.

“Now, those conclusions are being drawn and it’s unfortunate, but the FBI has completely ruled him out.”

Doug Bishop, AWP

The various witness statements aren’t helping either, various locals have come forward publicly, claiming law enforcement policies didn’t match what they were telling the public.

I still go back to what the police chief in Connecticut told me when the two teenagers vanished near the water. Statistically, this appears to be an accident. But the statement certainly suggests that if the FBI is ruling folks out, it’s implied they are or were looking for signs of foul play, the scope of which is unknown, fueled by poor performance by local law enforcement, by the conduit of their own actions which includes the arrests of sex predators, drug kingpins, and allegedly sheriff’s with statutory kinks.

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  1. Lillyloop 1 year ago

    Regarding Kiely Rodni’s case, did anyone ever hear any more information on Nate Cabungan and his trial date? All his social media and checks on him have disappeared.
    What does it all mean?

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